How to Grow Carrots

Carrot is a biennial plant or lifecycle 12-24 months that stores large amounts of carbohydrates to grow flowering in the second year. Flower stem can grow as high as about 1 m, with white flowers.

Carrot is a plant that can only be grown in the highlands. This plant requires growing environment with cool temperatures and humid. For growth and tuber production needed optimum air temperature between 15.6 to 21.1 degrees C. The air temperature is too high or heat often causes tubers are small and pale / dull. when the air temperature is too low, then the tubers are formed into small length.

Aquaculture Technical Guidelines and How to Grow Carrots Carrots



Carrots propagated by generative with seeds. This carrot seeds or seeds can be purchased in stores nearby agricultural production means, but it could also conceive themselves, especially species / varieties of local and non-hybrid carrot.
For seeding local carrots can follow the following steps;
  1. Choose a carrot plant is quite old age ± 3 months, thrives and also healthy. pull the carrot crop earlier choice, then observe its bulbs, tubers carrots make the tree good and healthy broodstock, tuber shape normal, not disabled, shiny skin color yellow / orange and smooth.
  2. Cut the ends of carrots maximum tuber third part, also trim along the leaf petiole, leaving 10 cm which is attached to the bulb.
  3. Prepare the soil for plant breeding carrot in the form of beds-perfect seedbed processed manure optimally.
  4. Make the planting hole with tools hoe with a spacing of 40-60 cm x 40-60 cm.
  5. Plant the bulb planting medium carrots in a hole that has been created, and pressing the soil too slowly to cover the neck of the stem.
  6. Make shallow grooves along the row of plants carrots ± 5 cm from the stem.
  7. Perform artificial fertilizer application in the form of a mixture ZA + SP + KCl (1: 2: 2) as much as 10 g / plant seeds, fertilizer and then is covered with a thin soil.
  8. Maintain carrot seeds for ± 3 months, to produce fruit stalks and seeds in large quantities.
  9. Pluck the strings skillfully stalk carrots old or dry, then dry in the sun to dry for its nut.

 Seed Seeding Technique

Carrot seed sown directly in the planting medium, can jugga evenly distributed in each of beds or with dicicir elongated in a row. The distance between rows of at least 15 cm, then if it is grown can be done so that the thinning of carrot plants were spaced 3-5 cm from each other. The need seeds or seedlings per acre between 150-200 grams her. For carrot seeds will usually begin to germinate after 8-12 days old.

Media Processing Plant

At first the ground dug as deep as approximately 40 cm, and the manure or compost as much as 15 tons per hectare. Subsequently made beds-beds width 100-150 cm, height 30-40 cm, the distance between beds 50-60 cm and length depending on the state of the land.

How to Grow Carrots

The procedure for planting carrot seeds through the following stages:
  1. Spread (sprinkle) carrot seeds evenly in grooves / kerf-kerf available.
  2. Close the carrot seeds with a thin soil as deep as 0.5-1 cm.
  3. Create shallow grooves 5cm from a seed row direction (longitudinal) to lay the basic fertilizer. Type of fertilizer applied is a mixture of TSP ± 400 kg (± 200 kg P2 O5 / ha) with KCl 150 kg (± 75 kg K2O / ha).
  4. Spread the fertilizer evenly, then cover with a thin soil.
  5. Close each kerf (groove) with dry leaves or stem of banana leaves for 7-10 days to prevent runoff of carrot seeds by sprinkling (pouring) of water and serves to maintain the stability of soil moisture. Having grown carrot seeds in the ground, cover was soon in the open again.

Plant maintenance

Do thinning of carrot plants with one another. This is done at the time the plant was 1 month after planting. The goal is to obtain a fast growing plant carrots and fertile, so expect a satisfactory yield. Perform a purge of Weeds or weeds that grow around the plant. The weeds growing in the trenches also cleaned so as not to be pests and diseases. The soil around the plant rows of carrots digemburkan, then goto ditimbunkan stem tuber carrots that later covered by soil.


The characteristics of the carrot crop can be harvested already are as follows:
  1. Plant carrots that have been aged ± 3 months since the scatter seeds or depending on varieties. Ideal varieties harvested at the age of 100 to 120 days after planting.
  2. The size of the bulb has a maximum and not too old. Harvest is too old or too late harvest can cause the bulbs to be loud and berkatu, so the quality of carrot becomes low or no market behavior. Likewise to harvest too early will only produce small-sized tubers, so the carrot production to be down.

How to harvest carrots for this relatively easy, by removing all the plants along the tuber crops. Plants are good and intensively reared bulbs can produce between 20-30 tonnes / hectare.

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