How To Grow Radish

Radish is a plant that goes to the family Cruciferae. Turnip bulb shape like carrots, but the content and white skin. Radish plants originated from China, and has been widely cultivated in Indonesia. Plants are easy to grow both in the lowlands and mountains.

Currently many areas are planted radishes plateau Pangalengan, Pacet, Cipanas, and Bedugul. The area of turnip plants in Indonesia are now about 15,700 hectares.

Good soil to plant radishes are loose soil, containing humus (fertile), the top layer of soil that does not contain gravel (small stones), and the degree of soil acidity 5-6. Ideal planting time is during the rainy season or the beginning of the dry season. For planting in the dry season, the plant should be enough water.


Seeing the benefits and its potential as a source of income, it is time for someone motivated to start a business radish vegetables. Although radishes are from China, does not mean it is grown in Indonesia will find a lot of problems with soil conditions here, even the condition of the soil and the plains in Indonesia is very possible. Start a radish cultivation can begin lobaknya seed extract, and the land necessary to cultivate radish is soil loose soil and gravel on the top surface; would be great if the soil has a humus or fertile.



As mentioned earlier, radish seedlings can be obtained through direct seed because these plants produce seeds, and therefore you should not hard coded and issued a small cost to import the seed directly from China. The other thing is the seed or seeds can be planted directly without any prior seeding process. To measure its use, 1 hectare requires 5 kg of radish seedlings.

Land Management

Before the radish seedlings planted, not just any land used DAPT. There is a "specification" that must be met by cultivating the soil first. Soil treatment process can use a hoe to mechanized agriculture tools such as tractors. Once the land has been average, manure is what to do next. When all the preparations are in the process of land is complete, set the spacing of the calculation 10 x 20 cm with a groove with a distance of 30 cm between one and the other groove.

Planting and Care

Planting is done by sowing seeds of radish seeds thinly and evenly along the grooves that have been made previously. Having sown into the soil, cover the seeds of radish was on the ground, but do not be too in or thick; thin enough alone. Hose 4 days, the seeds will grow. Entering the age of 2 to 3 weeks, the plants are ready to be weeded and start made mounds along the row of plants. To make the mounds, elevate the ground surface along the row of plants. Activity dilute plants can also be done, namely by removing plants that are less fertile and let fertile plants. Provision of artificial fertilizers is also needed for plant radishes thrive. Provision of urea and TSP in the ratio 1: 2 with number 6 grams for each tanamanpupuk sown on the right and left the plant at a distance of 5 cm from the plant.

Pest extermination

In addition to interference from weeds or vegetation such as grass, pests can interfere with the growth and yield of rapeseed cultivation process. To repel aphids disturbing, granting EC insecticide as much as 2.5% can be potent eliminate this pest infestation. Keep in mind, hasi healthy radish harvest can weigh half to two pounds per harvested radishes.

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