How to Grow Peppers

Paprika is similar vegetables with chilli, but the peppers do not have a spicy taste like chili. So far peppers is still regarded as one of the vegetable consumption for the middle and upper. This is because the use of paprika is still quite limited in some European-style dishes, such as pizza, spaghetti, salad, and others. However, with the rapidly growing popularity of European-style foods in Indonesia society today makes peppers growing demand.

Ideal land for cultivation Paprika

Land ideal for growing peppers is in upland areas that have low air humidity levels. Cold temperatures between 15 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius is known is ideal for developing this subtropical plants. It is actually intended to avoid pest and disease attacks the pepper tree, because the intensity of pests and diseases will be increasing if the pepper plants grown in the lowlands with high temperatures. The location at an altitude of about 750 meters above sea level is believed to be a very fitting.


Land preparation

After finding land in the right location, then it is time we start working on the land in order to be ready for planting. If it is feared will happen rain, it is highly recommended planting peppers plants using hydroponics green house and a system that yields maximum. Cultivation techniques like this are known to be efficient because the trunk and the fruits are very sensitive to nature, so that when they are exposed to rain water will easily rot.

Making green house is required greater cost when compared to cultivate land land directly, but if it yields to the maximum then the profits will increase as well. Making green house can you try with minimal funds that use ultra violet plastic material. Furthermore, the media used to grow namely husk.

How to Grow Peppers on Top Charcoal Husk

How to grow this plant is divided into several stages. The first is to grow the seeds in a tray so that the germination. Usually seeds will grow into sprouts without leaves within one week, then we put them into a small polybag polybag-up to grow the leaves, at least two or three strands. This process will usually take for approximately two weeks.

Then we can move the plant peppers into the actual container, namely poly-sized big polybag approximately 30 cm x 35 cm. The important thing to note about this planting method is that we must be very careful when moving the seeds of the peppers so that the leaves and roots are not damaged. Furthermore, we also need to maintain good plant peppers.

Maintenance process

In order to flourish, paprika plants need to be watered with water and fertilizer on a regular basis. Fertilizer used is dilute liquid fertilizer or manure. Furthermore, after the flowering plants, we need to select by eliminating some of the flowers that grow up to leave one's best interest in every single tree peppers. Once the fruits are old enough then we can harvest.

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