How to Grow Watermelon

Watermelon is one of the fruits that are quite easy to Cultivated. Why is that? Since it is very easy to grow in the plains of land that has a height 0-1000 m asl. So for Watermelon Cultivation can be done in lowland and highland.

Watermelon in addition to easy cultivation is also one of the alternative you are looking for additional income which is very promising. Because many like this one fruit, the more market demand soared. And it is an opportunity that can be used to increase revenue earlier. There is a story that originally Growing Watermelon as a sideline, but because the results are fairly basic at the left end job and focus on this business.

1. Selection of Land

Good soil for maximum results, should contain soil acidity pH 5.5 to 6.5 although this plant can be grown in peat though. Most importantly also the soil is fertile and rich in organic matter. Then clean and plow (can be with hoe), then create a raised bed with a length of 12-15 m, width of 1.5-2 m, continue to make the planting hole the size of 40x40x30 cm with a distance of 1-1.5 m. Put the basic fertilizer into the planting hole in them:
<>  4 kg of manure
<>  28 grams of fertilizer DS
<>  22 grams of fertilizer ZK
<>  15 grams ZA

2. Breeding

Prior to planting the seeds of course we prepare seed seeding of course. The trick germinating seeds in plastic pots or polybags with planting medium soil and manure. penyemaiannya should be slightly apart so that facilitate the growth of their own seeds previously soaked in 1 liter of water in the mix 1 tablespoon of the hormone (Atronik, Menedael, Abitonik), 1 tablespoon Feres fungicide (anti-fungal), 0.5 teaspoon pressed bactericidal for 20-30 minutes.

3. Planting

After the plants have leaves 2 pieces or 4 weeks old, then the seeds are ready for planting in the land already prepared above using monoculture. But one week before planting did land perforation within 20-30 cm from the edge to a depth of 8-10 cm, then flood the water until it is full and let it sink in. In addition it should also be done in order to facilitate the release polybag soaking for 5-10 minutes and interfere in the marinade for immunization drugs seedlings.
water melon

4. Maintenance of Plant

There are several stages of general maintenance is given, among others:
Watering the newly planted crops in the land is very important, when watering through the channels of the beds, the water must be taken not to overflow flooded seedbed surface.

Weeding is done on watermelon plants must be careful, lest the primary and secondary stem is cut or damaged. The weeding process can be carried out between 3-4 times during the growing season.

Pembubunan ie membubun the ground so that the roots absorb food maximally and followed with perempelan process, namely the process of sorting young shoots to be disposed of are useless and will inhibit the growth of watermelon plant.

Thinning and replanting the watermelon crop is done after the age of 3-5 days, when the late crop growth and will lead to the death of the plant then immediately replace it with new seedlings. And do thinning with 2-3 leaves of plants alone.

Fertilization can be given fertilizer P and K as well as the third part of fertilizer N is applied to the base fertilizer. P and K fertilizer mixture inserted into the planting hole as deep as 5-8 cm and 5-8 cm from seed so far. If you use fertilizer DS and ZK, then each hole is given only 28 grams and 22 grams of fertilizer DS ZK fertilizer. Diberika first fertilizer application during the crop was planted, a second application of fertilizer given to plants already as high as 1 m, while the third fertilizer application after the crop has been fruitful of chicken eggs.

5. Harvesting

Prior to describe the process of harvesting, you should consider conception. Recommended at each branch maintained only 1 piece only, so the tree will produce fruit 3-4. Why? In order for the growth of the fruit can be maximized. Then when it's grown fruit buds then immediately make the base of the dry straw to avoid splashing rain can cause rot.

For their harvest process itself usually farmers have their own way. In what sense can be harvested when it is up to the farmers themselves. If it is already achieving decent size harvest the crop immediately. But usually he harvests the crop standard one hectare yield of 8-10 tons.

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